At the direction of the School Board in response to the results of a community survey, district staff presented a smaller, less expensive list of facility work needed for the Board to consider as a bond package. The survey said that the community is supportive of a bond measure, but had concerns about what it would cost to pay for all the work.

During the Citizens Facilities Task Force process, the district’s list of facility needs totaled about $766 million, and included improvements to address enrollment growth and crowding, expand Career-Technical/Vocational education programs, improve safety and security, including seismic safety, and more.

The narrowed list still addresses the needs, but includes fewer seismic and ADA projects, fewer classroom additions at middle schools, and includes refined cost estimates for all projects. The new total is about $619 million.

The estimated increase in the levy rate for a $619 million general obligation bond is $1.29 per thousand of assessed value. The community survey showed support for a bond measure in the $1.51 to $2.50 increase per thousand range.

After receiving the revised proposal, the Board asked staff for more information so they can deliberate further at their next meeting. Board members would like to see a list of items removed from the original $766 million package, more detail on the levy rate increase estimate, and how much more work could be added to the package at a levy rate of $1.51, the bottom of the range from the community survey.

The School Board will meet again on Tuesday, June 13, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. at Support Services Center, 2575 Commercial Street S.