Bond Questions

What data do we have from the 2008 bond measure about how much extra money we had due to prudent financial management, etc.?

The district had approximately $18 million in unspent funds after all projects originally planned under the 2008 bond were completed. The $18 million was a result of a competitive bidding environment, earnings on bond sales and prudent financial management.  A Community Bond Oversight Committee decided to use the unspent funds for additional repairs. The additional [...]

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Why doesn’t the bond proposal include building a new high school?

The bond package includes expanding the capacity of existing school buildings rather than building new schools. The concept resulted from the work of the Community Facilities Task Force and the discussion centered on high school construction. You can read about it in their recommendation to the School Board on page 2 and page 9 of [...]

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Is any work planned at charter schools in this bond?

Work is planned at charter school locations that are owned by the school district. Optimum Learning Environments Charter is housed inside Forest Ridge Elementary, and would benefit from the upgrades shown for that facility. Valley Inquiry Charter is housed in the Hazelgreen School facility, and will see work which includes replacing the old portable with [...]

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How accurate are the population projections you used to create this plan? I’m concerned that actual enrollment growth is going to be more than projected.

It's important to engage experts and carefully analyze potential enrollment growth, but it is equally important to remember that it is impossible to accurately predict the future. The experts contracted to create the projections provide the best estimates possible. To create and refine projections, the district worked with two different organizations that have expertise in [...]

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Why don’t schools run double-shifts of students instead of expanding?

Running early and late shifts at schools would mean that most students’ schedules would be very different from their parents’ schedules. Aligning school schedules as closely as possible with the traditional work day allows families to have time more together, which provides better support for students. There are other challenges with this type of schedule [...]

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What happened with the feedback staff gave during design reviews and listening sessions?

Feedback was compiled into reports for the School Board to consider when determining the final bond package. The reports were also shared with Facilities and Planning staff to be used during the master planning and design process at each school receiving major capital construction. Some things that the Board changed in the package as a [...]

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