Bond Questions

Is any work planned at charter schools in this bond?

Work is planned at charter school locations that are owned by the school district. Optimum Learning Environments Charter is housed inside Forest Ridge Elementary, and would benefit from the upgrades shown for that facility. Valley Inquiry Charter is housed in the Hazelgreen School facility, and will see work which includes replacing the old portable with [...]

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What is the plan for ensuring the ongoing cleanliness and maintenance of the buildings that our community is trusting the district to build and maintain with the money from the bond? Will staff be added?

Each school that has identified major capital construction needs like new or expanded cafeterias, will have a design team established to address all of the issues affecting that school. The custodial department will be the primary communicators with custodial staff to gather input and address any questions or concerns regarding staffing. There is not a [...]

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Why don’t schools run double-shifts of students instead of expanding?

Running early and late shifts at schools would mean that most students’ schedules would be very different from their parents’ schedules. Aligning school schedules as closely as possible with the traditional work day allows families to have time more together, which provides better support for students. There are other challenges with this type of schedule [...]

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Has the district considered boundary changes instead of expanding schools?

Yes. The state statute that governs how school districts must plan for facilities needs (ORS 195.110) says districts must examine alternatives to new school construction and major renovation. The district assesses school capacities every year based on current and future enrollment projections. School boundary changes are a normal part of making routine adjustments to balance [...]

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This new school bond will raise my assessment by $1.24 per $1,000 of assessed value. Why such a large increase in our school bond taxes?

The estimated levy rate increase is derived from the total cost of work included in the final bond package. That is, in order to raise $619.7 million through a 20-year general obligation bond, the current levy rate would need to increase by an estimated $1.24 per $1,000 of assessed value. Community polling indicated support for [...]

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How has the district taken advantage of opportunities under SB 1149 and the seismic grant program?

In July 2018 when the final funds are received, the total reimbursements to the district under SB 1149 for the 2008 bond program will be $7,385,604. The district received $1.5 million for Englewood Elementary School in the SRGP seismic grant program. The district currently has a grant for $1.4 million for Four Corners Elementary School [...]

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What about asbestos abatement? How much is included in the bond?

No asbestos abatement is included in the bond because the district manages asbestos through its normal maintenance operations and the Healthy and Safe Schools and Buildings plan. There will be limited asbestos abatement in areas where construction and or additions require it. There isn't an intention to abate asbestos as a standalone project.

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