Election day is May 15, 2018

Please remember to register to vote or update your voter registration if you have moved or changed political parties. You must be registered to vote by April 24 in order to vote in the May 15 election. Registered voters receive a ballot in the mail about two weeks before election day.

Read the Marion County Voter Pamphlet

There are three ways to register to vote in Oregon:

  1. Have your Oregon driver’s license or state ID card handy and register online
  2. Pick up a voter registration form at the post office or library (or download online) and return it in the mail
  3. Go to the county elections office to fill out a form

After you complete your ballot, it must be received by the elections office May 15. Postmark does not count. The Oregon Secretary of State website offers a Drop Box Locator tool if you would like to deliver your ballot instead of mail it in.

For more information about voting in Oregon, please visit the Oregon Secretary of State’s website.

Public Employees & Campaigning

As public employees, school district staff may not participate in political activity while on the job. The guidelines for political activities are outlined in Oregon Revised Statute 260.432(2) which states that public employees may not be involved in promoting or opposing any political committee or initiative, referendum or recall petition, measure or candidate while on the job during working hours. Working hours include any time an employee is on duty, including any event or function in which a staff member wears his or her district badge and therefore represents the district. Working hours do not include breaks and lunch.

While on the job, you can provide impartial information about the possible effects of a ballot measure as long as the information does not threaten possible financial loss based on the outcome of the vote.

When not on the job, public employees can participate in political activity as they choose.

For full information on public employees and political activity, please read the Secretary of State’s manual: Restrictions on Political Campaigning by Public Employees