Add Space for Career-Technical (Vocational) and Science Education

The bond measure would construct or expand 12 career-technical education spaces at the six traditional high schools, and one at Roberts High School, an alternative education high school.

The bond would also construct or renovate 39 science labs at middle and high schools.

Relieve Crowding and Prepare for Future Enrollment

The bond would construct additional space at 15 elementary schools, six middle schools and all six traditional high schools to relieve overcrowding* and address future enrollment growth.**

It would expand five of the district’s six traditional high schools from around 1,750 students capacity to 2,200 students, and would expand the sixth to 2,100 students capacity.

It would add or expand 20 cafeteria spaces, and add nine multi-purpose physical education rooms, two new auxiliary gyms and one new main gym.

The bond would add 170 new general education classrooms and replace about 60 percent of the oldest portable classrooms in the district.

*About half of the district’s schools have capacity needs, per the district’s Long Range Facilities Plan, DOWA/IBI Group, July 2017.

**Enrollment in Salem-Keizer is projected to increase by 1,000 students in under five years, per enrollment study performed by Portland State University’s Population Research Center, Charles Rynerson, August 2016;  Study refined by FLO analytics, 2017.

Security, Safety and Seismic Renovations

The bond would update electronic badge access systems at 46 schools and 16 administrative buildings, relocate or renovate offices at 36 schools to change the view of the front entrance, and upgrade the intercom systems at 60 schools.

It would renovate many restroom facilities and general building access to ADA standard.

The bond would address areas in buildings rated very high for earthquake collapse, and design additions constructed under the bond to re-occupancy performance level, which means the building could be used as a community shelter following an earthquake.

Improve Existing Buildings

The bond would make improvements to existing buildings in the future, such as painting the exterior, sealing masonry walls, replacing roofs, floors, HVAC, mechanical and plumbing systems.


The bond would expand the wireless network for equity of access to technology, address classroom technology infrastructure, and heating and cooling ability of network closets.